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1 audience use segments, tags, groups to separate tags = label (matrix tools added) Platform / Industry groups = preference center (user picks in a form) segments = data you already have, use to send more targeted marketing setup a "tag" of matrix tools test users? and then a segment for us? to send test emails to? run a test campaign "PREVIEW SEGMENT" "INTEGRETATION" "AUDIENCE AND ADD SEGMENT" BRAND AND PERSONALIZATION AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE ADD VALUE with PITCH TAGS = THE INDUSTRY (OR THE LIST IT CAME FROM MAYBE A TAG FOR WHAT PLATFORM) ===========2=========== notes on mailchimp INTRO audience - marketing crm, audience dashboard, tags/segments/groups (CAN ADD NOTES FROM BLOG HERE) -- 1 audience with tags/segments/groups -> start with a test tag? OR test audience?? -- audience dashboard setup a test audience. -- email/ad/postcard? -- Manage Audience -> Settings -> Audience name and defaults -- -- Form settings / Email settings / reCAPTCHA -- -- embedded signup forms for opt-ins for our newsletter / mailing list -> auto add to audience! -- -- GDPR (missed that) -- All contacts -> audience. subscribed and unsubscribed brand - template and studio -- name, logo, font colors, identity, image, emotional connection -- email templates -- -- select a LAYOUT for your template -- -- template gets all the good brand things -- -- every [month] create an edit of the template to turn it into a 'campaign' -- -- content studio - store logos and assets -- -- -- products - INTEGRATES WITH E-COMM!! COOL!! -- -- -- giphy and instagram! to pull your images from social media campaigns - automation features !? -- each campaign has stats, opens / clicks / revenue -- automated campaigns -- website (create a new one) not helpful? -- create campaign options -- -- automated emails -> like welcome emails -- -- other cool options and screenshots? -- -- multivariate - A/B Testing. COOL!! (test 2 different subject lines see what gets opened)! insights -- IMPORT CONTACTS -> checkout options here -> from csv??!! studio, site??? settings -> domain authentication -> verify and authenticate -> hidden costs in mailchimp?? billing tab?? integrations -> facebook, ecwid, bitrix !!!

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