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SEO Case Study: From Not Ranked To #1

Chapter 1: Initial Setup

Difficulty Level: Easy

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Effect in Ranking After 1 Month: N/A => N/A

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Hello Everyone,
In hopes to master/improve my processes, I plan on real-time documenting the exact steps it takes to reach the #1 Ranking on Google!
Wish me luck!
-Jesse Booth

This initial blog entry will really just be an initial checklist that I use in order to add a brand-new site to our servers.
At the end of this checklist, we will have a new PUBLIC "production" site that Google knows about so we can take some "baseline" SEO numbers for our experiments and documentation.
By the way, the site that I will be blogging about is: Shunnarah Studio, an awesome hair salon in Birmingham, AL owned by my great friend Farrah Shunnarah.
So this documentation will be all for learning and for SEO science and for Farrah Shunnarah!

  1. Register the Domain Name (I use!)
  2. Setup the Web Server (I use IIS, I will also setup IIS 301 Redirects here, but that is covered in a previous blog)
  3. Add the URL to an Uptime Monitor (I use an app called Server Monitor!)
  4. Add the URL to Dynamic DNS (I use an automated PowerShell script!)
  5. Submit the URL Google (I use the Google Console and NameSilo and this link, I will cover the Google Console in another blog)
  6. Choose some keywords to monitor (I will cover the metrics and tools I use for this in my next blog!)

That's it for this blog!
See ya next time, Space Cowboy!
Chapter 2: Keyword Research

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