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Need to set this up and blog it ASAP! change the date on the blog even idk? Setup as many accounts as you can.. Up to 6 I guess.. With good schedules etc. Are there any limits on Buffer. links to quuu and buffer for sure. Also need to price out a service for this for the matrix tools page. How many accounts would we want to do for someone else. how much would we charge i guess per 1 account though, it's like $12 a year to Quuu? Charge 12 a year? but a month. Same as Quuu? Or drop to 10 and be cheaper if everything else is 10s? Need to add this service, make better sense of the email offer, maybe screenshot my google!!! LinkedIn x 2 FB Twitter Instagram? What else? QUUU AND BUFFER!!!!!! 1 SSM account for free. Use LinkedIn right now, but will switch it to FB later?? ULTRA PLAN!! LIFETIME!! 6 SMM accounts for 1 time lifetime payment!! So Sweet!!!!! 10 SSM accounts for $100 a year, so $12 per additional account per year. do this after you get all of our SMM links again, automate this sucker again and then blog about it. we also need to price this out and get it back on matrix tools pricing somehow on the matrix tools rewrite too! 2) Automated social media marketing. Quuu and Buffer!!!!!!! SMM With over 1.49 billion monthly active users and over 900 million of those logging in every day, it’s evident that Facebook’s reign is surely here to stay. 79% of American internet users, or 68% of all U.S adults, use Facebook. Facebook’s user base grows by 8 people per second. 150,000 messages are sent on Facebook every minute. 450 million people buy and sell items on Facebook each month. Posts on Facebook ending in questions get 162% more interactions than posts that don't. Posts published on Facebook between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. have 88% more interactions on average than at other times of the day. As a business owner, you need to take full advantage of the opportunity to capitalize on such a large, engaged audience. Users flock to Facebook to get a sneak peek at what their favorite brands are up to, as well as share their experiences with a particular brand or company. Having a strong Facebook presence will allow you to connect with your loyal following, engage new prospects, and gain valuable feedback for future projects. A custom Facebook marketing strategy built from the ground up, which can include regular posting, engagement, advertising, social monitoring, and reputation management others too / twitter / linked in (b2b) / instragram (younger / images) / youtube / google+ automation and team of marketers

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