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SEO Case Study: From Not Ranked To #1

Chapter 5: Off-Page SEO Tips ~ Link Building

Difficulty Level: Hard

Easy Keyword (Best Hair Salon in Birmingham al)

Effect in Ranking After 1 Month: 48 => 27

Difficult Keyword (Haircut Birmingham al)

Effect in Ranking After 1 Month: N/A => 77

Hello Everyone,
In hopes to master/improve my processes, I plan on real-time documenting the exact steps it takes to reach the #1 Ranking on Google!
Wish me luck!
-Jesse Booth

  1. Google Maps - Add A Place
  2. It is also a good practice to embed a map onto your page. This can be done from Google Maps and then go to the menu and grab the iframe html to "embed".
  3. SEMrush - SEO Content Template - Competitor Backlinks
    • - DONE!
  4. Moz - Backlink by Category - Beauty Salons

That's it for this one! Thanks for reading!
Additional Awesome Backlink Links:
  1. How to spy on your competitor's backlinks by Neil Patel
  2. Backlinks from Comments by Neil Patel

Chapter 4: On-Page SEO

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