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Azure DevOps and Automation

How I setup a FREE Automated Pipeline with Smoke Tests!

Applications Used: GitHub, Azure Pipelines, Slack and Monkey Test It for the Smoke Test.

First of all, here are the application integrations (you really only need the first integration and then any Slack notifications you would want.)
GitHub -> Azure Pipelines
GitHub -> Slack
Azure Pipelines -> Slack -> Slack

With all of those integrations you should be able to get feedback on every step into a Slack channel.
You will also notice that the GitHub -> Azure Pipelines integration will add an azure-pipelines.yml to the root folder of the project. This is the file that I will use to wire up Monkey Test It.

  1. Log into your Monkey Test It dashboard.
  2. Get your API key and an example of how to use it.
  3. Log into Azure.
  4. Here you can use the Pipeline Editor to update your yml file.
  5. You can use this or a Post Deployment Script to kick off the Monkey Test It API.

There are now also settings on the Website Deployment page in Visual Studio to configure a Continuous Delivery pipeline!

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