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super best tool: Bitrix -- crm funnels - company tracking -- online store (how to setup free e-commerce?) -- employee org chart

How To Enter Leads (Bitrix)
  1. Sync your Google Calendar! (I have one category of events (red) that will sync between my Google calendar and my Bitrix calendar!)
  2. Please set a custom avatar.
  3. Sales Funnel and CRM = Matrix Tools Bitrix24
  4. Search Social Media for Leads (Email Addresses)
  5. Examples: LinkedIn Search for Handyman Business Owners
  6. LinkedIn Handyman Groups
  7. If you receive any interest, simply add their email to the CRM Leads system, and you'll receive at least $5.
  8. We can then track the client's details and interactions within Bitrix.
  9. If we get a sale you will get 20% of the sale.

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