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Play Sega Online

Play Sega Online for Free! Any & All Sega Games! You can even play 2-Player Mode games with a friend across the world!

First, download the emulator from this link:

Sega Online
To play 1-Player, you can skip to Section C.

Section A: Hamachi Setup
  1. Unless you've already done this, Download the zip package from the link above and extract the files.
  2. Run the InstallHamachi.msi installer.
  3. Sign up for a free LogMeIn Hamachi account. (There should be instructions for this at the end of said installer.)
  4. Sign in and join an existing network. (The Network ID is: KupoKupoKupo) (The Password is not required, but it is: kupo)
  5. If you have Hamachi setup correctly you should see something like this (Make sure there are no errors or warnings on KupoKupoKupo):
    2-Player Sega Online

Section B: Network Setup
  1. Test that both you and another player are correctly inside of the KupoKupoKupo Network. (You should be able to Chat and Ping, there is also a built in Diagnostics.)
  2. If you're still having problems here, try disabling your computer's Firewall.

Section C: Fusion Sega Setup
  1. Unless you've already done this, Download the zip package from the link above and extract the files.
  2. Go into the Sega folder and run Fusion.exe.
  3. Players must load a game file from File => Load *Game*
  4. That should bring up a search box to find the chosen game, there is a Games folder inside of the Sega folder.
  5. For 2-Player: File - Netplay - Join Netplay Game - Join on the name of the computer shown on Hamachi (Section A, in my example the computer is R2D2).

Section D: More Games
  1. Click Here after you have it working to download any & all additional Sega games.
  2. Save any downloaded games from the above website into your same Sega => Games folder and play them via your Fusion.exe.

Free Sega Online 2-Player

Enjoy! Thanks for reading!

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