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  1. Sign up for a FREE Mailchimp account.
  2. Set up your Merge Fields:
    Audience Dashboard -> Settings -> Audience fields and *|MERGE|* tags
  3. You should configure this page so that it matches up with the columns in the audience files that you will be importing.
  4. THe Merge Fields should be in the same order as columns in the imported file(s).
  5. You can also add any useful fields that are present in the imported file(s) and remove unused fields.
  6. Use the Data Type of "Website" if you're adding a field that contains a link (URL).
  7. This screen also ties with Tag names that you will be able to use in your email campaign templates.
  8. If you do the above prior to importing, then when you perform your audience imports (Audience -> Add Contacts -> Merge -> File) the Merge Field mapping will be streamlined / automatic.
  9. Remember to tag your imports with the Tool and Industry used to prospect the audience!
1 audience use segments, tags, groups to separate tags = label (matrix tools added) Platform / Industry groups = preference center (user picks in a form) segments = data you already have, use to send more targeted marketing setup a "tag" of matrix tools test users? and then a segment for us? to send test emails to? run a test campaign "PREVIEW SEGMENT" "INTEGRETATION" "AUDIENCE AND ADD SEGMENT" BRAND AND PERSONALIZATION AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE ADD VALUE with PITCH TAGS = THE INDUSTRY (OR THE LIST IT CAME FROM MAYBE A TAG FOR WHAT PLATFORM) ===========2=========== notes on mailchimp INTRO audience - marketing crm, audience dashboard, tags/segments/groups (CAN ADD NOTES FROM BLOG HERE) -- 1 audience with tags/segments/groups -> start with a test tag? OR test audience?? -- audience dashboard setup a test audience. -- email/ad/postcard? -- Manage Audience -> Settings -> Audience name and defaults -- -- Form settings / Email settings / reCAPTCHA -- -- embedded signup forms for opt-ins for our newsletter / mailing list -> auto add to audience! -- -- GDPR (missed that) -- All contacts -> audience. subscribed and unsubscribed brand - template and studio -- name, logo, font colors, identity, image, emotional connection -- email templates -- -- select a LAYOUT for your template -- -- template gets all the good brand things -- -- every [month] create an edit of the template to turn it into a 'campaign' -- -- content studio - store logos and assets -- -- -- products - INTEGRATES WITH E-COMM!! COOL!! -- -- -- giphy and instagram! to pull your images from social media campaigns - automation features !? -- each campaign has stats, opens / clicks / revenue -- automated campaigns -- website (create a new one) not helpful? -- create campaign options -- -- automated emails -> like welcome emails -- -- other cool options and screenshots? -- -- multivariate - A/B Testing. COOL!! (test 2 different subject lines see what gets opened)! insights -- IMPORT CONTACTS -> checkout options here -> from csv??!! studio, site??? settings -> domain authentication -> verify and authenticate -> hidden costs in mailchimp?? billing tab?? integrations -> facebook, ecwid, bitrix, slack !!!

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