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Postaga Outreach Campaigns

Expectations for a Campaign: Open Rate / Reply Rate / Funnel Higher Quantity = More Responses Personalization = More Responses EX: Can you update your blog with my new link? Skyscraper: Find top ranked article on a topic. We want to OUT-RANK this article. (Ahref or Ubersuggest to get list of their backlinks, export the links and reach out, "I think my article is better") Don't reach out to everyone - audience matters. Make sure your recipients are relevant or you'll waste your opportunity in case that recipoient evenutally is relevant. Personalization / be specific Research + Merge Fields are Key Due diligence POSTAGA - Merge Field - Hi {First Name} - Prospecting (linkedin? website?) blog article on OUTREACH / AUDIENCE / LEAD process -not specific to a tool but for M.T. training -the entire process, how to find an email, add to audience, add to campaign, reach out, add to bitrix, ALL of that. postaga -> mailchimp -> bitrix ORRRRR are these 3 separate articles linked to each other ORRRRR 3 separate artciesl with same subtopic "outreach campaign" PROVIDE VALUE OFFER SOMETHING IN YOUR EMAIL RECIPROCITY "we have x followers and blah blah and we can help you" send a "Follow up" "sequence of emails" 3 - 5 POSTAGA PROCESS! Postaga blog -> New Campaign -> Resources ->give it a blog post url ->merge fields into templates!? ->resource opportunity search ->click one to preview (do they have a lot of links) ->select all to pitch to them ->analyze links ->this will find people ->you can manually 'prospect' and enter email if it didnt find one ->you want to fill out all the fields for MAIL MERGE ->postaga has a 'deliverability / verified tag' ->go thru list for best email contacts ->you can also find twitter and linkedin ->export data to csv (if we want to use mailchimp) ->or go to next step sending emails in postaga ->pick resources campaign ->did does have follow up sequences and you can set custom rules too ->if going to go out on weekends, go to next work day ->3 follw up email templates to preview and edit ->check the merge fields as much as possible ->specific personalize ->you can create your own merge fields in templates ->preview the merges and see warnings on missing fields ->go back and add fields ->send test if wanted -> grab a personal demo Try to do a podcast? Podcast campaign? prospecting -> audience building -> outreach -> lead tracking canspam requirements 1. way to opt out 2. mailing address personalization 'snippets' i guess override emails?

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