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Intro to Power Business Intelligence

Definitions: Power Platform

  • "Business Intelligence" comprises the strategies and technologies used by enterprises for the data analysis of business information. BI technologies provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations.
    • Structured
    • ETL (Extract, Transform, Load
    • Database / Data warehouse / Data lake
  • "Data Analysis" is an approach to data that seeks to find insights and indentify patters or trends (Nuggets of Insight).
  • "Data Mining" = Analyzing large amounts of data.
  • "Big Data" = High-volume, unstructured, real-world generated data.
    • Volume
    • Variety
    • Velocity
    • Variability
    • Veracity (How reliable?)

5 Stages of BI

  1. Collect and store data
  2. Transform "Big" data into "BI" data
  3. Present Key Metrics
  4. Evaluate data to discover patterns, trends, and insights
  5. Sharing reports and findings to empower others (Visualizations and Presentations)


  1. Free (just hit X on logins)
  2. $9.99/month/person for sharing
  3. Enterprise Level

Row-Level Security

  1. Need a subscription (because it's useless without sharing)
  2. Service Admin

Import Apps

  • Mailchimp
  • Twilio (SMS)
  • Marketo
  • Insightly

Data Analysis Expressions

  • Related
  • Switch
  • SelectedValue
  • IsBlank
  • and &&
  • concat &

Power BI Data Analysis Expressions
Power BI Dax Relationships
(RELATE is Based off Model) Power BI Drag and Drop Relationships
Power BI Dax Switch

Direct Connectivity

  • [clustername]
  • Power Platform

Importing Data

  • Manual Refresh
  • Schedule Refresh
  • Direct Query (never stale)

Direct Query

  • Instead of Importing data into the file, you are connected to a Data Source.
  • File -> Options -> Data source settings (also in Transform data dropdown)
  • Get Data -> Azure Sql Database
  • Options for Authentication (not available on Importing data)
  • Creates a Composite Model based on the link to the data (keeps relationships)
  • Never goes stale because it updates as you click
  • However you do have some control over this if performance on the Database is an issue
  • File -> Options -> Options -> Current File -> Query Reduction
  • On-prem (non-cloud) data sources require a Gateway (Power Bi -> Download -> Data Gateway)

Visuals / Report Builder
Power BI Cards
Power BI Tables
Power BI Maps
Power BI Filled Map
Power BI Tree Map

Natural Query Language
Power BI QNA
Power BI QNA NQL as Map

Power BI Data Tab
Power BI Get Data
Power BI Service Settings
Power BI Embed Options

Conditional Formatting
Power BI Condidtional Formatting
Power BI Dynamic Title

Marketplace / Gallery / Links

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