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SEO Case Study: Advanced SEO Boosting to the Top Spot!

Nashville Ink Tattoos

Difficulty Level: Very Hard

Easy Keyword (downtown nashville tattoo)

Effect in Ranking After 1 Month: 4 => N/A

Medium Keyword (nashville tattoo)

Effect in Ranking After 1 Month: 6 => N/A

Difficult Keyword (nashville tattoo shop)

Effect in Ranking After 1 Month: 11 => N/A

1.2k Monthly Visitors

Hello Everyone,
I'm super excited for the opportunity to work with such a well-known shop as Nashville Ink!
These posts will track the progress we make with this client, given they already have strong position on Google (and 1.2k visitors a month), we will aim to improve upon their numbers!
Wish me luck!
-Jesse Booth

  1. Coming Soon!

Nashville Ink has been featured on Ink Master and has also been visited by Gale! (grab images and pictures!)

Getting to work with Nashville Ink is a huge honor for us!

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