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Matrix Tools ~ Social Media Marketing

Matrix Tools Implements 3+ Social Media Marketing Campaigns for each Platform!

  1. Daily - Client Images - (Scheduled via Buffer or Manually Posted)
  2. Weekly - A.I. Generated Content - (Scheduled with Approval => Auto-pilot via Quuu)
  3. Monthly - Promotional Posts - (Manually Posted)


Matrix Tools "Social Media Strategists" will be given logins to 2 main applications:

  1. Buffer = our scheduler
  2. Quuu = our A.I. Content Generator

We also recommend using a "Website Copy" tool in order to pull down all of a website's images.
I prefer Cyotek on Windows and Wget on Mac and Linux.
Pro Tips: You can install and run Wget via the command line via

sudo apt install wget
wget --recursive --convert-links

To Do for each Client

  1. We will need Admin access or Credentials for each of the Client's Social Media platforms (these Credentials can usually be found in Bitrix).
  2. Create a new local folder, something like /Desktop/MatrixTools/SocialMedia/{client-name}.
  3. Now you can use your "Website Copy" tool to copy their website down into your new folder structure.
  4. If you would like, you can delete everything except for the IMAGES!
  5. Log into Buffer.
  6. Add any new Social Media platforms to Buffer.
    How to add Social Accounts to the Buffer scheduler
  7. Now if you would like, you can log into Buffer and manually post an image to each platform every day.
  8. If you do not want to do this every day, you can schedule the "Daily - Client Images" in advance via Buffer's scheduler.
    How to add Posts to the Buffer scheduler
  9. Within the Image Posts, remember to add a link to the Client's Website and/or a friendly message.
    How to create and view posts in Buffer
  10. You might want to move or delete each image after you've uploaded it to Buffer. This should ensure that you do not post duplicates.

A.I. Generated Content

  1. Log into Quuu.
  2. Add the new Social Media account to Quuu (you can do this by Refreshing the Buffer connection).
    How to use A.I. to generate content with Quuu
  3. Pro Tips: Initially, set this to Manual so we can approve the content for the first couple of days. If all of the A.I. content is relevant and positive to the client, then we can come back and toggle this setting to put it on Auto-pilot!
    How to setup A.I. to generate content with Quuu
  4. This will auto generate content that will then be shared (thru Buffer) to Social Media platforms.


  1. Quuu = $100 (for Life!)
    • This gives us 6 Social Media Accounts for 1 LIFETIME payment!
    • Matrix Tools, LLC was provided with a very special offer: the Quuu Ultra Plan for Life!!
    • This is the reason we can offer A.I. Generated Content to our Clients for such a great price!
    • It's such a great deal that it's a competitive advantage for Matrix Tools
    • The next level would support up to 10 Social Media Accounts but would cost $228 per year!
  2. Buffer = $0 or $144 per year
    • The FREE Buffer plan supports 3 Social Media Accounts.
    • The next level would be the Pro Plan for $144 per year, which supports 8 Social Media Accounts.

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